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Vastu Shastra, a scripture for the science of building construction, is an advanced part of astrology. Astrology and Vastu Shastra are not only complementary to each other, but there is also a deep connection between the two. Where astrology is a Vedanga, the same Vastu Shastra is based on the Veda, a Upveda architecture of the Atharvaveda. Both are science developed in ancient times. Their purpose is to improve human life by understanding the hidden secrets of nature.

Both the praises and astrology study the effects of creation on human beings. In astrology, where this study is done directly through a person’s horoscope, in the same Vastu, the structure of the building is also studied the effects on the unconscious mind of the person

In any Vastu, nine planets dominate and in Vastu, they occupy a certain angle. Similarly, the gods of every direction are also different. On being balanced in the house, there is happiness and prosperity. On the contrary, Vastu dosha arises due to the construction of their nature, due to which many kinds of problems can be faced in life.

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